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Some of my recent projects.

Here is a collection of some of my most recent work. Technologies used: JavaScript, Node, React, MongoDB, Heroku, Github.

Pathfinder General

Node/Express web application.
a chalkboard

A fullstack web app built w/ Node, Express and MongoDB. User authentication, Google API integration and a clean responsive design. Users can register/login and discover really awesome "paths" (camping/hiking) in our great state of Texas. Users can also add their own paths and post comments.

Crypt Keeper

React web application
working on a laptop

Real time crypto currency price tracking web application. Pulls data from the Coindesk API and displays it dynamically in a clean web front end built with React and deployed via Github pages. Blockchain emerging market social hackathon machine learning wonderful positive.

jQuery RGB guessing game

Front end web application.
fingers typing on a keyboard

JavaScript and jQuery front end web application/game that generates six random RGB values. The user has to guess which one is correct. There are two modes, easy and hard. Once the correct value is guessed, the remaining values change to that color. Deployed using Github pages.

About me

My name is Jake and I hail from a formerly lawless stretch of land on the border of Texas and Louisiana called the 'Sabine Neutral Ground' (you should google it)..and I'm also a Web Developer who loves my family, nature, dogs, heavy metal, boxing, intense coffee, fishing, BBQ, folklore and the great state of Texas. I'm a creative problem solver type and I like to get into the "flow state" as much as possible. Feel free to get in touch!

Technologies: XCode, Swift, JavaScript, Python, Django, React, Node, Express, MongoDB, Adobe XD, GIT, Github.

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